Do What Matters Most

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3 Steps to Certification

  • Step 1: You'll get immediate access to the 3-4 hour self-paced on-demand course; and, for those who would like to join a live training, you'll also be given access to the next available live training. The live training is optional, but you must complete either the on-demand course or the live virtual training prior to being certified as a Do What Matters Most trainer.
  • Step 2: After completing the on-demand or live virtual course, you'll be given access to the 4-6 hour self-paced certification course. This course will review your teaching resources, training tips and guidelines, points of emphasis, engagement strategies, and "how to" application methods.
  • Step 3: Following your completion of the 3-4 hour self-paced Do What Matters Course and the 4-6 hour self-paced Certification Course, we'll conduct a 1-to-1 private review, evaluation, question & answer, and teach-back opportunity for you to finalize your certification. Upon satisfactory completion of this 1-to-1 private review, you will be certified to conduct Do What Matters Most trainings.
  • BONUS - Platinum Trainer Support: Your certification includes a 30, 60, and 90-day check-in with your assigned trainer specialist. Your assigned trainer specialist can also give you feedback on your first training. You have complimentary access to quarterly trainer calls to review materials, answer trainer questions, and provide up-to-date resources and examples.  You have refresher course options to redo training courses.  Lastly, you have credited 3 hours of post-certification live support with your trainer specialist, who can help with any pressing questions, feedback, teaching tips, etc.
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