Do What Matters Most

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4:12 Research results of 1,260 managers & executives
5:55 Introduction to the "big three" key productivity habits
7:12 Using the Do What Matters Most Matrix & time management
11:50 Fortune 1000 study: companies in Q2 outperform all others
12:28 The "big three" habits readily & easily move you into Q2
13:18 Case Study: the Dallas Cowboys & a CarX Franchisee
14:54 Habit #1: Develop a written personal vision
18:48 American Express example, the impact of a personal vision
27:51 Habit #2: Set Roles & Goals
31:48 Study:  how a sales team used habit #2 to grow rev 2.4MM
38:12 Workshop participants share their "roles & goals"
41:20 Habit #3: Pre-week Planning (and it's fighter pilot roots)
45:58 Four simple steps to effectively pre-week plan
53:00 How to calculate your weekly productivity quotient
53:35 Research results: 4-week productivity growth w/ planning
56:06 Four ways to participate and apply Do What Matters Most
Vision & Goals Template
Pre-Week Planning Template

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