From Wisconsin Business Owners:
The Training of the Year - Do What Matters Most Course & Planner + Signed Book Package: where performance, productivity, and well-being all come together

Lead a Life by Design, not by Default.

Order your planner + extension below, and you'll automatically be registered for the May 13th training, the 4-part mini-course, and the 52-week success rhythm.

This May 13th training will be one of the most impactful events you ever attend, we guarantee it, and we guarantee you won't want to miss it. 
Learn, engage, get feedback, and join in on May 13th, 9:45am CT
Get all your resources to manage time and Do What Matters Most
Focus, find balance, and prioritize work, health, and relationships
Accomplish 30-50% more per day, 500-1,000 extra tasks / year!

* The Live Training will be held VIRTUALLY on Friday May 13th from 9:45am - 11am CT *
* Have questions? Contact Keith Klein with Wisconsin Business Owners @ 262-252-3000 *

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BYB Annual Dated Planner + Signed Book + Training


2022 Large (8.5x11) Annual Planner + Training + Signed Book (Do What Matters Most)

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